How to Make Café Enrista’s Perfect Iced Chai Latté

A perfect blend of exotic spice and cool, creamy deliciousness, our Café Enrista Iced Chai Latté is ideal on a hot summer’s day.

Are you as in love with chai as we are? Then get ready to fall hard for our Café Enrista Iced Chai Latté. This dreamy summertime drink combines the deliciously exotic flavours of chai with the rich creaminess of latté. 

The best part? You can keep things skinny by using low fat milk, or you can go all-in by using full cream, even adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you wish. 

Just remember to have lots of crushed ice on hand. This summertime classic must be chilled to the max for ultimate enjoyment!

This flavourful tea blend often features cloves and ginger, both of which are believed to aid digestion and alleviate pain

Chai Did-You-Know

Chai traces its origins back over 5 000 years to the Assam region of India. According to legend, an Indian king requested a spiced beverage as part of Ayurveda, a medicinal tradition that focuses on healing through the use of herbs and spices. And so, chai was born.

As chai’s popularity grew, it spread throughout India, with each region infusing its unique twist into the traditional recipe. 

Over centuries, chai travelled to all corners of the globe, evolving into the beloved beverage we still enjoy today.

Recipe: Café Enrista Iced Chai Latté



  • Empty contents of sachet into a tall latté glass 
  • Add hot water, honey and vanilla essence, and allow to cool 
  • Crush ice and pour the cooled-down tea mixture over it
  • Blend the milk and ice cream together (if you opt to leave out the ice cream, you can use 100 ml milk instead of 50 ml)
  • Pour the milk or the milk-and-ice cream mixture over the ice and tea 
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon or any topping you prefer

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