Café Enrista Amarula Chai Latté Dom Pedro Recipe

Discover our decadent and unique twist on a much-loved South African dessert.

Creamy, boozy, and decadently delicious, did you know that the Dom Pedro dessert originated right here in Mzansi?

It all started back in the 1970s when a Cape Town restaurant owner visited Scotland on holiday and tried some whisky over vanilla ice cream. He loved this combination so much, it inspired him to create his very own signature dessert once he arrived back home.

The decadent Dom Pedro dessert is a favourite on restaurant menus throughout South Africa, with some using whisky, Kahlua or Amarula as the alcohol liqueur ingredient.

Today, Dom Pedro is adored by people all around the world. This moreish “adult milkshake” has been called one of South Africa’s “most copied foodie creations” and it just takes one dreamy sip to understand why.

Dom Pedro with a Sweet, Aromatic Café Enrista Twist 

The Café Enrista Amarula Chai Latté Dom Pedro is our own decadent version of this popular dessert, and it couldn’t be easier to prepare. It’s a blend of creamy, boozy, and spicy-sweet, all in one glass. Just mix, pour and enjoy!



  1. Add the ice cream to the blender
  2. Pour in the Amarula and fresh cream 
  3. Add the Café Enrista Instant Tea Chai Latté
  4. Blend until everything is smooth
  5. Pour into a wine glass and serve with a short straw

Tip: If you prefer your Café Enrista Amarula Chai Latté Dom Pedro on the lighter side, you can use low-fat milk or water instead of cream. Alternatively, you can add some crushed ice to your glass before pouring over the Dom Pedro mixture.

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